Home Sweet Home is a ministry through Ascension Lutheran Church, which works with local community agencies to provide household furnishings to previously homeless members of the community.

When these agencies have a client who is ready to transition into an apartment or house, after being homeless, they contact Home Sweet Home. A delivery time will be coordinated and a team established to help the client move the donated furnishings and necessities into their new apartment or house.

Many of these clients literally have nothing to their name, so providing them with furnishings and home goods allows them to make a smooth transition and provides them with the comforts of home. 

Home goods and furnishings are donated by the community. 


How Can You Help?

By donating, supporting or volunteering to this wonderful ministry.


Donate furniture you no longer need. Home Sweet Home will gladly provide pick up services directly to your home or business. Contact Home Sweet Home at 920-784-7092 for pick up information. 

Furniture Items Needed:

Full or twin-size mattresses, frames and headboards, dressers, night tables, living room chairs, end tables and lamps.

We are unable to accept donations of soft good/household items at this time. 


Support Home Sweet Home in its goal to work with local community agencies in helping the homeless furnish their home by giving a monetary donation. This can be sent to Ascension Lutheran Church at 2911 Libal Street, Green Bay, WI ,54301.

If you are aware of anyone who has items that can be donated, please give them Home Sweet Home’s contact information. 

CALL: 920-784-7092



If you are a member of Ascension Lutheran Church you can volunteer your time by helping with donation pick up and furniture delivery as a mover or truck driver and organizing soft goods for delivery.


Home Sweet Home is a Ministry of :
  Ascension Lutheran Church
  2911 Libal Street Green Bay, WI 54301
  CALL: 920-784-7092


Home Sweet Home Mission Statement

Home Sweet Home is an outreach ministry of Ascension Lutheran Church that helps those formerly homeless, transition to a new home/apartment by providing, for free, basic home furnishings and supplies.


Home Sweet Home Stories

It had been a long Saturday morning for our Home Sweet Home team.  We were wrapping up our final move of the day which was particularly difficult: a high rise apartment with small elevators and security locks on the entrance doors.  It had taken us better than an hour with multiple trips between the truck, the lobby entry, the elevator, and the apartment. The recipient was appreciative and we were now closing up the truck.

A woman approached us.  “Are you with Home Sweet Home?, she asked. We acknowledged that we were. “You moved me into my apartment several months ago and I want to say you were a life-saver!  Thank you, so much!”

We asked, “How are things going now?”  

“Oh, so much better and Home Sweet Home is part of that.”

As we parted, we wished God's blessings on her as she again thanked us.  Every now and then God sends an unexpected blessing to our HSH ministry.  

-HSH Volunteer

I realized the importance of this ministry when a fifty year old man we were moving in, explained that this was the very first bed he had ever owned. His excitement was endearing and made me appreciate all the blessings I take for granted.

  -HSH Volunteer